Friday, August 12, 2011

Affordable Wonders Blog Has Moved back home

Hello Everyone
I have made a change to the blog. I have moved it back home to the Affordable Wonders Website I've decided to keep all of my pages on one website figuring that it just didn't make to much sense to bounce around to different web-pages to post different things and well most importantly I had already paid for the site and figured I may as well use everything the subscription has to offer.

Things that I've done while revamping the site is I've added a Video Tutorial Section which for right now only has The Basics of Crochet but I will add and Intermediate and advanced tab as I make the videos. I will also be doing a Basics of Knitting. All of my videos will be quick, short and to the point so you can go straight to crocheting/knitting.

I've also separated my into sections Affordable Wonders News which is pretty much a catchall for what is going on in my journey, Free Patterns for my members, Photo Tutorials, and Business or product reviews

Things that I still will be adding will include a written tutorial section for those that would like to print and keep in binder or on your ebook. More products in my commercial section that will include YARN! My favorite part I plan on actually keeping the yarn in stock and selling it at bundle rates. The yarns you will find are you favorite label brands that they don't keep instock at your local craft store. And priced to where you don't have to wait for a SALE! And for those of you that would like to purchase any of my handmade goods or patterns just visit my Etsy tab.

As usual if there is a product that you would like but don't see listed just contact me. I can get a hold of just about all crafting supplies I will happily give you a quote I just can't add them all it would take an army and I own run and operate Affordable Wonders by myself while being a mom and wife.

Well I think that is all that I have for now I sure do hope that you come on by to Affordable Wonders and check out the new layout!