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Mickey Mouse Inspired Diaper Cover Crochet Pattern

Mickey Mouse Diaper Cover Crochet Pattern

Posted by Cristina Barnes on March 14, 2011 at 7:18 PM

Hi Everyone,
Before we get to the pattern I wanted to say a few things. I started writing my patterns because as much as I have looked around there are very rarely good Free patterns. And I have purchased patterns that were great. So I wanted to offer what in my opinion are "good" patterns for free but there is a catch. If you use my free pattern they are for your personal use or for you to make as a gift or donation to charity. If you would like to sell items made with my pattern I ask that you purchase the pattern from me. I think that is a reasonable request and my patterns will never exceed $4.99. They will be emailed to you in PDF Format. A lot of work goes into writing pattern a lot of crocheting and pulling apart because it isn't looking great and restarting. So I just ask that you respect that and that way I will continue to post patterns for you guys :) I would like to ask that if you do make something to sell with my patterns to place a l link to my website. Also I do ask that you do not repost my patterns free or purchased. If you'd like to mention my patterns somewhere post a link back to my blog. Ok with that said here goes my rendition of Mickey Mouses Diaper cover! Please leave comments as I love to hear what you think.

To purchase pattern just go here :) Micky Mouse Diaper Cover Crochet Pattern

Mickey Mouse Costume
Diaper Cover and (Hat soon to follow)
Designer: Cristina Barnes
Company: Affordable Wonders
Copyright, 2011, Cristina Barnes & Affordable Wonders
Creative Commons License
Mickey Mouse Diaper Cover and Hat by Cristina Barnes is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 Unported License.
Permissions beyond the scope of this license may be available at
SC = Single Crochet
HDC= Half Double Crochet
DC= Double Crochet
FPDC= Front Post Double Crochet
SLST= Slip Stitch
Size 3-6 Months More sizes to follow
Permission is not granted to copy or distribute this pattern in any manner. Please do not post the instructions for this pattern on any blogs or websites. Small alterations are still consider part of this pattern. Photos may be posted providing my website where the pattern can be purchased is included. You can also send people to my blog on where they can view the pattern. Pattern on website is only for personal use. In order to sell items made by my pattern you must purchase my pattern. I believe that is fair. Thank you for respecting my wishes.
Materials: Worsted Weight Yarn ( I used Caron’s Simply Soft) In colors Black, Red, Yellow
Crochet Hook Sizes: H 8, J, F and G 6
Gauge for diaper cover: 2”x2”= 6 Rows 8 HDC
Gauge for Mickey Hat: 2”x2”=8 Rows 7 HDC
1) Chain 30, HDC in second stitch from hook and each stitch to end
2) Ch 2 turn HDC in each stitch across
3) Repeat step 2 four times
4) Ch 1 turn SLST in next four stitches Ch 2 HDC across the row leaving four stitches unworked
5) Ch 1 turn SLST in first Stitch Ch 2 HDC across leaving one stitch unworked
6) Repeat step 5
7) Ch2 turn HDC in each stitch across
8) Repeat Row 7 five more times Then fasten off.
Repeat steps 1 thru 7 again for the back piece
Place right sides together and sew crotch and sides
1) Attach yarn at leg opening one stitch before the crease CH 1 then SC around the leg opening evenly.( I came up with 49 SC) SLST to join. View 1st Photo
2) CH 3 1DBC in next 9 SC, SC in next 30 SC, 1DBC in next 9 SC SLST to join
3) CH 3 FPDC in each DC (9FPDC) SLST in each SC (30 SLST) 1 FPDC in each DC (9 FPDC) SLST to join. Fasten off and repeat for other leg. See Photo 4 and 5
(TIP: If your numbers aren’t exactly like mine for the leg opening no need to worry  Look at Photo with Crochet hook across the cover. What we are doing in this round is Making HDC and FPDC to about that point then SC and SLST for the rest!)See Photo 2
Yellow “Buttons”
With F Hook and Yellow CH 2 Make 6 SC in second CH from Hook. Make 6 SC then continue without joining and make 2 SC in each SC (12SC) Fasten off leaving a long tail for sewing. Make 3 more circles then sew on Diaper cover View photos for placement.
With H hook and Black CH 40, SC in 2nd CH from hook and next 3, HDC to end and fasten off. Sew Tail about one inch below the yellow circles in the center.


  1. Christina,
    I recently bought this pattern on Etsy. I absolutely love it. I also purchased the flowered diaper cover and headband. I have had so much fun the past few weeks coming up with different color combinations from my "stash" of yarn. Using the color recommendation on the flowered set pattern, I did make one for the surrogate baby that I just delivered last month. When her mom sends me a photo, I will send you a copy. The mickey set, I made as a gift for a friend. I love using double strands for the diaper cover too! It just turns out so much nicer. I am even thinking of doing some military themed variations for my parents serving overseas and even here in the US.
    Am I correct that since I have purchased the patterns, that I can sell my finished items? I will totally list you for creative credit of course. I also could list your Etsy shop if others wanted to buy the pattern themselves. I didn't want to do anything without asking you first so please let me know your thoughts.
    These crochet up so fast!!! And the directions are easy to follow too!!! I am thoroughly enjoying your talent as a pattern maker. Thank you so much!

  2. Good Evening Jennifer,
    Congrats on the Baby! Being a surrogate is such a wonderful gift and takes a very special person.:)I would LOVE to see the photos!

    Thank you for your sweet words I'm so flattered... (where is the blushing smiley!)

    So funny I'm also working on some military themed one. I'm retired Army myself:) My thoughts and prayers are always will all of our service men and women.

    You are correct as far as the patterns. Anyone that purchases the patterns are more than welcome to sell as many finished items as their hands can me :) I know that posting them on my blog is me trusting that people will not sell unless they buy the pattern. I believe there are more honest people like yourself, than not.

    Well have a good night and thanks for joining my blog! :)

  3. Christina,

    I posted photos on my blog The Army set turned out really cute (I was Army so of course I made that one first). The hat was made up as I went along. I have an idea for Marine Dress Blues too : )
    Thank you so much for your talented pattern writing!

  4. I was trying to look for the Mickey Mouse diaper cover pattern in the newborn size, but I can't seem to find it. Can I get some help, please?

  5. Hello!! do you have the minnie mouse diaper cover pattern? Thanks soo much!

  6. Hi! Yes I do I here is the link to it.

    1. Hey!! I can't find the instructions for the newborn version. Help please:) thanks!!

  7. Can someone
    Give me the Minnie mouse pattern ? Please

    1. Hello Ismeralda,
      All of my patterns are listed in the "Crochet and Knit Patterns" page on this site. Just scroll up and to the left of the page you will see the page link.

  8. Hi, do you have the mickey mouse diaper cover pattern for a newborn? I'd love to make it for my daughter, she's due in 3 weeks!