Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Self Healing Rotary Matt

Good Morning Everyone,
I had one of these compulsive needs to blog about my latest buy. I just purchased a self healing mat. As expensive as they cost I just couldn't justify it to myself as I don't sew or really do anything with fabric in the volume that would call for a mat... Or so I thought!

After moving to our new house we of course did some spring cleaning and went thru our clothes that both my husband and I were hanging on to thinking yeah one day we would be able to wear it again. We both finally realized that if that day ever came we could just buy them again. So I started my mission of accumulating as many t-shirts as I could to make t-shirt yarn out of. 

I had been cutting it by hand with a pair of scissors and eyeballing the width of the strips but me being somewhat OCD couldn't handle that the strips weren't perfectly uniform. A friend of mine had given me a rotary cutter and ruler that she had extras of (thanks to a yard sale find) but me being a hook and needle girl I just didn't see what the big deal was with these items but I did take them I'm also somewhat of a craft supplies hoarder! In my mind though I just couldn't make the connection why not use a cardboard box or the floor. So I grabbed a t-shirt and tried using a cardboard box as my "mat" yeah that didn't work blade just cut thru the box and got stuck t-shirt was ripped and I was frustrated. I blamed my failure on the rotary cutter. Well I had a small 6 x 6 self healing mat with ironing board that I bought on clearance for less than $5. So I tried just cutting the sleeves and I was so surprised a perfect cut! So that lead me on a mission. I still couldn't see myself paying $55 for one but thanks to 50% coupon at Michaels I bought a pretty big mat for under $30!! 

When I got home with my new buy I ran to get a t-shirt to cut and timed myself. From T-shirt to t-shirt yarn it took 4 min 15 sec to complete!!!! It was incredible. So for this month that Mat is totally the best thing I've bought! If you are in the market for one I say go ahead and buy there is nothing like it! Save yourself a ton of money buy finding yourself a coupon for 50% off of one item. Michael's accepts competitors coupons so if Michael's doesn't have one for that week check AC Moore's Jo-ann Fabrics and Hobby Lobby's websites for coupons!

Well I just had to get that off my chest... Husband would never understand my excitement.  

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