Friday, July 15, 2011

July’s Sponsor: The Awesome Affordable Wonders

Just a quick note from a very EXCITED CRISTINA!!! Kathryn form Crochet Concupiscence has written such a wonderful review about me and Affordable Wonders. Please jump on over to her site and check out the review!! We absolutely love and appreciate the comments. But not only that if you are not familiar with Crochet Concupiscence now is a great time to spend some time on her blog. (I will give a more detailed post on the next post) Believe me if you are a Crocheter you will absolutely love to hang out on her site (the 1st time I stumbled on her site I did not close out my window until after I read all of her posts. She makes her blog fun and informative. Well hope to see you guys over there! Have a great weekend!

July’s Sponsor: The Awesome Affordable Wonders

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  1. Thanks for letting people know about the review. So glad that you enjoy my blog!