Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Shell Tank Just for me....

Last week I started a super cute Tank that I decided I would make just for myself. The thought itself made me feel guilty because since I had the time to crochet something for myself in between orders I figured that time should surely be used to get started on my Christmas list. Well it started off way bad. I had purchased quite bit of bamboo/wool yarn that had just been sitting there I bought it on clearance so I figured now was time to use it. I guess that was mistake number one. Though the yarn met the weight requirement I didn't realize until much later (since I crocheted a good majority in the comfort of my Air-conditioned House) that the whole WOOL part of the blend would definitely make it to warm to wear in the summer here in very hot and humid North Carolina.

So then I checked my gauge all was good. I continued to work on the tank :) happy as can be I made the two triangles for the bra portion. According to the measurements on the pattern I was a size Large. The triangles were pretty big (for me anyway) but I thought it was just a conservative top which I liked. So I continued on the pattern. I join the triangles and was now working in the round. I got to the 3rd round and just thought it was looking fishy. So I tried it on (I was wearing a large t-shirt as I did this) It was HUGE!! So the frogging started. I started working the pattern in size small. It was a pretty easy shell and the set worked up quickly within 3 evening I was done (lots of interruptions from my three kids).  Ok no not done that leads me to the next paragraph. lol

Remember that clearance sale I got the yarn at?! Yeah well I fell short on yarn by 1 yes 1 shoulder strap!!! FRUSTRATIONS!! As the only other colors that I had in the same yarn were blue and grey. Well just to measure the set I made the other strap in Grey. Yup just to find out that even that was exaggerated in the pattern. Straps were way to long but not long enough for me to split it to make 2 straps. Well I've decided grey straps doesn't look to bad. I will just have to make some flowers or something to tie the grey into the tank. Well I will add photos later as I have to figure out how to get them off my phone or just take new photos with my camera.

All in all I am happy that for once I was able to make myself something guilt and all. I have a tank now that I can proudly wear and if asked where I got I can say I made it :) for myself. How about you guys I'm sure you have similar stories I'd love to hear them.


  1. Ingenious! I wouldn't have thought to check the straps to see if they were too long! I can't wait to see pictures. I am making a top for me at the moment and I am the same way. I've only made in the last 5 years 5 things for myself. I decided it was high time I got something too. I'm nearly done with the top of my tank and I will be starting on the bottom by tomorrow. I'm glad you stuck with it and got a top made for yourself.

  2. :) I wonder why it's so hard to make stuff for ourselves yet so incredibly easy to make stuff for others. Ok ok I know what it is it's the way eye light up when they receive something handmade with love by us and the pride they take in the story of where they got their item :) I posted the photo before finishing with grey straps (still haven't added straps or weaved in ends...